A Tudor Suite

A Tudor Suite is a five movement suite based on the music of the English renaissance. Each movement Identifies a specific teaching objective in a musical way. The conductor will easily discern the targeted musical skill of each of the movements. The archaic spellings have been retained just to spark young imaginations. I think you'll find this music will intrigue your students.

  1. The Earle of Oxford's Marche (The Marche before the Battell)    -    William Byrd.      Not as ornate as the Gordon Jacob version but not plain and very playable. 
  2. Ah Robyn, Gentyl Robyn   -   William Cornyshe.       A nice setting of an unusual tune with rather modern percussion writing that still seems in character with the renaissance music.
  3. Why Fum'th in Fight (The Third Mode Melody)   -   Thomas Tallis        This is the same tune used in Ralph Vaughan-Williams' Variations on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.  This version is set in half note meters specifically to provide an opportunity to teach these unfamiliar meters. While the meters change frequently, there are no difficult rhythms. 
  4. Pastyme with Good Companye   -   Henry Tudor (King Henry VIII)        King Henry was a well known musician and composer. Here is one of his best known tunes. Some nice renaissance syncopation and a very catchy melody.
  5. The King of Denmark's Gaiiard   -   John Dowland             A nice dance tune with some very fun but challenging renaissance syncopations. This one is lots of fun.

Grade 3-4

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