Thoughts on Copyright

Although most directors try to teach students to care for and respect printed music, the realities of the musical world in which we live today have rendered the traditional publisher's copyright outmoded and difficult to administer. Consider:

  1. Most of us want our students to have music to take home for practice.
  2. We also want our students to be able to mark up music as they see fit.
  3. Many schools and directors maintain websites from which students may be able download music and assignments.
  4. Students lose music. In spite of our best efforts, the ubiquitous use of printers and copiers means that many students will always view printed music as just "another piece of paper" that is easily replaced.
  5. Our bands and orchestras don't always have standard instrumentation. Two published alto sax parts don't work well for the band that has 10 alto saxes and 6 clarinets.

For these, and many more reasons, R.G. Smith Music provides music with "director friendly" copyright terms that reflect modern usage and are fair to both the purchasers of the music and the publisher. 

When you purchase music from R.G. Smith Music, you will receive a license to print as needed for the original purchasing organization only. This means that you may copy as many parts as you need to rehearse and perform the piece and as many scores as you need for review, study, performance and judges. You can even share a score (but not the parts) with a colleague as long as it is used only for review or study. 

What you must not do is loan or give music to another organization for rehearsal or performance. And, if the music is purchased by an institution, it must stay with the institution, not the director should the director leave.

I hope you find these terms sensible and fair. 

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