Sibelius 7 Released!

Sibelius 7 was recently released. This new Sibelius version is a major update in the UI yet it can easily be made familiar to experienced workers. But behind the scenes, much more has happened. The software has been substantially updated and rewritten. And MusicXML export has been added so sharing with Finale workers is now much easier. We are now very near universal file sharing of music notation. Then there is the new Sibelius 7 Sounds which is a library of extremely high quality sampled instruments to make your scores really sound.

And I have also been using Finale 2011 which is impressive as well. It is indeed a different world than it was even 5 years ago. Having begun with pen and ink 30 some years ago, I certainly never expected to see what has happend to music notation.  

Sibelius and Finale are both so mature and so capable that any comparison is based on user preference or familarity rather than inherent software superiority. Such was not always the case. But the competetion has been good for both Sibelius and Finale. 

Really, it's time for publishers and other clients to accept work in .PDF. Sending out a notation file that may or may not be editable is no longer necessary. Any changes should be made via e-mail or by in-house engravers who are versed in either program.


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