Music Engraving

I am available to engrave your music. Unless there is a specific request for Finale, I create all music in Sibelius. My thoughts on Sibelius and Finale are here.

While modern notation software does a very good job, typesetting your music for performance or publication is not merely inputting it into a computer and accepting the results. As a performer, I have seen much music, often quite good, that is poorly copied and makes performance more difficult.

A good music engraver will typeset your music so the final result is both beautiful to look at and clearly understood. If your work is worth sending to a publisher, put your best foot forward and have it professionally engraved.

I will try to give you a timeline when you contact me. I can either ship printed music to you or e-mail PDF files (usually the best for printing), Sibelius and Scorch. files, or Finale files. You can read, play and print Scorch. with a FREE Scorch reader from Sibelius.

Why Have Your Music Professionally Engraved?

  • Make your music clear and easily readable by the musicians performing it. This helps insure a good performance
  • Having your music engraved will help reveal and correct errors and unintended difficulties
  • Show your musicians and potential directors and publishers that you believe your music deserves their investment of time and money.


  • Your engraving will be completed in either Sibelius or Finale. 
  • I can work from your rough data files (Sibelius, Finale, or music XML), hand written copy, MIDI file or previously printed copy.
  • Finished work provided in either printed or digital form (or both).
  • Finished work may be shipped by either by e-mail or standard shipper.
  • Printing and binding are available.

Engraving Fees

Cost for most copy work is $0.20 per individual measure for any score. For instance a page containing 24 staves and 6 measures of music would be a total of 144 individual measures x $0.20 or $28.80. 10 such pages would be $288.00. Part extraction is an additional $4 per page. 

Piano music is $1.20 per full measure (both clefs). Reductions, vocal scores, multiple parts per stave, and other special circumstances require more time and knowledge of the software and are, therefore, more expensive. Please contact me for a quote. Once a final quote has been made, the price will not change unless your requirements change.


$65 per piece


Engraving errors will always be corrected free of charge. Your fee includes one free edit for corrections and/or small changes and adjustments. After that, small changes to your original material will be billed at $35. Should changes be more significent and require extensive new music or reformatting of current music or layout, the fee is figured on an "active measure" basis with a minimum of $65.