Complicated Repeat Patterns

When a conductor must stand before a group of adult, professional musicians and make sure that everyone understands the “road map”, the repeat patterns are too complex. Those of us on the stage or in the pit need to be able to concentrate on playing musically and little else. Music should be a “No Reepat Zone”.

All notation software copies and pastes easily. There is no reason to have third and fourth endings with song repeats, chorus repeats, verse repeats, and complicated DS and DC patterns. It does not save a copyist time and makes the music more difficult to read.

Admittedly, there are times when a piece needs to fit the performer’s stands (more than 3 pages requires either rests, a good memory, or an extra hand). Making a piece versatile enough to be used in several ways may also require some repeats. Standard repeats and first and second endings are fine. After that, use the technology; copy and paste.

Music notation practices have changed many times over the years. This is not a static field. In my opinion as both a copyist and a performer, any notational practice that obfuscates the intent of the composer while serving no practical purpose is detrimental and should be stopped.